100 Funny Names for Your Sourdough Starter

Naming your sourdough starter can make the process of making bread more fun and personal. It can give your starter a unique identity and can also help you develop a closer relationship with it. When you give your starter a name, it becomes more than just a mixture of flour and water; it becomes a living thing that you care for and nurture.

Ready for making bread wheat sourdough starter dripping from wooden spoon. Glass jar with sourdough starter 100 percent hydration on white wooden background. Copy space. Homemade breadmaking concept

Naming your sourdough starter can also make it easier to keep track of. If you bake frequently or have multiple starters, having a name for each one can help you keep them organized and avoid confusion.

Finally, naming your sourdough starter can be a creative and enjoyable experience. You can have fun coming up with puns and wordplay based on your starter’s characteristics or your own interests. It can also be a great conversation starter when you share your bread with others.

Wheat sourdough starter. Glass jar with sourdough starter on dark background, copy space. Vertical.

Here are 100 fun and funny names for your starter!

  1. Yeast Mode
  2. Rise and Shine
  3. Sourdough Sam
  4. Bread Zeppelin
  5. Doughy McFluffin
  6. The Yeast Beast
  7. Gluten Glenn
  8. Kneadful Things
  9. Flour Power
  10. Dough-lin
  11. Starterella
  12. Rye Guy
  13. Carby Carberson
  14. Crust Almighty
  15. Bread Pitt
  16. Sourdoughnald Trump
  17. The Leavening Agent
  18. The Rise Guy
  19. Breadly Cooper
  20. The Sourdough Kid
  21. The Doughfather
  22. The Bread Baron
  23. The Flour Whisperer
  24. Kneady Mc Kneadface
  25. Yeastie Boys
  26. Doughpamine
  27. Gluten Taggart
  28. Breaducation
  29. Sourpuss
  30. Carbzilla
  31. Rise of the Sourdough
  32. Starter Wars
  33. Crumbly McFlakerson
  34. The Gluten-Free Zone
  35. Yeast Coast
  36. Dough Or Alive
  37. Sourdoughlicious
  38. Yeast Infection
  39. The Doughbug
  40. The Breadwinner
  41. The Rise and Grind
  42. Flour Hour
  43. Bread Zealot
  44. The Leavening Legend
  45. Rye-noceros
  46. Knead For Speed
  47. Gluten Free Me
  48. Bread and Butter
  49. Dough Not Disturb
  50. The Bread Ahead
  51. The Sourdough Solution
  52. The Yeastie Girl
  53. The Flour Force
  54. Doughminator
  55. The Bread Box
  56. Rise to the Occasion
  57. The Yeastie Boys and Girls
  58. The Sourdough Siren
  59. The Dough-Dough
  60. The Bread Basket
  61. The Doughnut
  62. The Leavening Lady
  63. The Flour Financier
  64. The Rise to Fame
  65. Bread-y Krueger
  66. Yeastern Standard Time
  67. Dough and Order
  68. Gluten Gone Wild
  69. Bread is Life
  70. Sourdoughnaut
  71. Flour Power Hour
  72. Yeast Frenzy
  73. Doughmaine
  74. Rise and Grindstone
  75. Bread Over Troubled Water
  76. The Sourdough Sorcerer
  77. The Dough Darling
  78. The Bread Builder
  79. The Yeast Master
  80. The Flourish King
  81. Doughs Before Bros
  82. Bread and Breakfast
  83. Rise Up and Shine
  84. Gluten Guardian
  85. Sourdough Sweetheart
  86. The Dough Boy
  87. The Bread Bunch
  88. The Yeastie Tribe
  89. Flourishing Life
  90. Dough-luscious
  91. Gluten Gladiator
  92. Breaded and Buttered
  93. Sourdough Samurai
  94. The Dough Doctor
  95. The Bread Brigade
  96. The Yeast Express
  97. Flourishing Minds
  98. Doughnut Worry, Be Happy
  99. Bread and Butterflies
  100. The Sourdough Squad